Car Emergency Kit Plus Car Survival Gear (185 Pieces) Ultimate All-In-One Solution For Any Roadside Emergency!


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Concerned About Safety While Traveling?


This Ultimate Roadside Emergency Kit Comes With:

Peace Of Mind & Immediate Help For You, Your Loved Ones & Employees. Keep One In Your Car, Truck, RV & Company Fleet!



  • CAR EMERGENCY KIT GOES BEYOND THE BASICS - Over 185 life-saving emergency resources found in car survival kits, disaster preparedness kits and roadside emergency kits. This combination of multiple auto safety kits provides readiness for a disaster and immediate help with any car emergency situation, even if you become stranded. Be ready and prepared today. See Photos for BONUS *


  • ESSENTIAL RESOURCES WITHIN YOUR REACH - For your car, truck, RV and company fleet. Includes First Aid Kit, Jumper Cables, Ice Snow Scraper, Tow Strap, Mylar Emergency Blanket, Compass, MultiTools, 12v Tire Inflator Pump, LED Headlamp, Emergency Flashlight, Paracord, Fire Starter, Roadside Emergency Tools, Emergency Food Rations, Emergency Water, Survival Guide and more. See photos for BONUS *


  • COMPACT 85 PIECE FIRST AID KIT INCLUDED - A comprehensive selection of first aid supplies that includes multiple Adhesive Bandages, Medical Tape, Gauze, Antibiotic Ointment, Alcohol Pad, Cotton Tip Swabs, Cold Compress (as available), 1st Aid Guide and more. Comes with just the right amount of first aid supplies to handle most minor injuries during a road trip. See Photos for BONUS *


  • EMERGENCY SOLUTION SAVES TIME & MONEY - No need to place multiple kits in your vehicles. This complete kit will provide the roadside assistance you, your loved ones and employees need to face any emergency while traveling. Save time and money by not having to build your own kit. A wise life-saving investment for every vehicle you own with Lifetime Warranty - See Photos for BONUS *


  • INSTANT PEACE OF MIND WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY - Knowing that you and your loved ones are ready for any roadside emergency is a wonderful feeling. A great gift for teen drivers, college students, families, parents, grandparents, and employees. Your premium roadside emergency + car survival kit (with Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects) provides peace of mind and assurance that immediate help is just within reach - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. See Photos for BONUS *






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