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Perfect Combination Of Roadside Emergency Tools & Car Survival Gear


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A most complete and well equipped roadside emergency + car survival kit that has a perfect blend of survival resources and emergency roadside tools for minor repairs. Please note that this kit is NOT A TYPICAL car emergency kit with basic tools and jumper cables. With over 185 pieces, you’ll be ready for literally any emergency situation while traveling. No need to carry multiple kits in your car anymore.


Contents (over 185 pieces and includes car survival gear):



     6 Water Packs (Coast Guard Approved. 5yr Shelf Llife)

     6 Emergency Food Bars (2400 Calories. 5yr Shelf Life)

     10 Mints



     1 Water Proof Mylar Blanket

     4 Hand Warmers (or 2 pairs)

     1 First Aid Kit (85 pieces)

     1 (14 in 1) Multi-Tool / Knife

     1 Survival Guide

     1 (5 in 1) Survival Whistle, Compass, etc.

     1 Roll – Toilet Paper

     1 Roll of Duct Tape

     1 Paracord Rope (10′)



     1 Box of 40 Water Proof Matches

     1 Package of Fire Starter



     1 Mini Air Compressor (12v) – NEW

     2 Pairs of Gloves

     1 Water Proof Safety Vest

     1 Tire Repair Kit With Instructions

     1 Water Proof Poncho

     1 Set of Jumper Cables

     10 Zip Cable Ties

     2 Rolls of Electrical Tape

     1 Reflector Triangle

     1 Help Sign

     1 Tow Strap

     1 Pencil Tire Gauge

     4 Fuses

     2 Shop Cloths

     1 Travel Pouch with Reflecting Triangle

     1 Ice Scraper – NEW

     2 Screw Drivers (or 1 with Multi-Tip)

     1 Needle Nose Pliers



     1 (45 hour) Large Bright LED Headlamp with Batteries

     1 (12 hour) Light Stick

     1 Bright Hand Charging Flashlight (no Batteries needed)



     1 Pen

     1 Note Pad or Post-it Note

     8 Antibacterial Hand Wipes

     2 Empty Gallon Storage Bags (Zip Lock type)

     1 Duffel Carry Bag With Shoulder Strap


Individual items may vary by manufacturer, but quantities and quality are the same.


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You and your loved ones will receive immediate help and “Peace Of Mind” on your next road trip with a 185pc Premium Car Emergency Kit For Your Car, Truck, RV & Company Fleet. You have discovered the most comprehensive Roadside Emergency Kit PLUS Car Survival Kit ever joined together.

We have attempted to (and believe we’ve accomplished) going Above & Beyond The Basics For Your Family’s Safety. We are so sure of it, that we’ll provide you with a 90 day money back guarantee, top customer service and free shipping!


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