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5 Simple Steps To Clean Your Engine Bay

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 5 Simple Steps To Clean Your Engine Bay - Image 2


There's a good reason why this YouTuber has received over 30,000,000 million views on his video explaining in detail how to clean your engine bay "so clean that you can eat off of it" in just 5 simple steps.


Youtuber Chris Fix claims it won't damage important parts like belts and electronics if you follow the steps below. He really does an excellent job explaining how to clean your engine bay properly, and there are some vital steps to keep in mind.


The purpose of this blog post is to give you a quick outline of the 5 steps described in Chris' video below so you can quickly and easily reference them anytime. 

Find Answers To Questions Like:

  • Should the engine be cold or hot?
  • Is there a safe way to clean the engine bay without damaging electronics and the engine?
  • What cleaners are safe to use on the plastic, rubber and metal?
  • Can you use a hose or power / pressure washer?
  • What should be covered for protection?
  • How long does it take?

#1 - Engine Bay Preparation:

Preparing the engine bay area and protecting both components and surfaces is one of the most important steps to avoid damage.

#2 - Dry Cleaning Engine Bay:

The reason you want to dry clean your engine bay first is to remove dust and dirt. This will avoid pushing the dust and dirt getting into areas you don't want when you start applying water. 

#3 - Wet Clean The Engine:

Take a hose to wet down the entire engine bay area. You can clean the engine when it's cold or hot, but you have to make sure your water temperature matches the temperature of the engine first. A warm engine is best to help remove grime, grease and dirt. Icy cold water on a very hot engine can increase risk of damage, like cracking metal.

  • Hose and car wash nozzle
  • Soapy degreaser (like dish soap)
  • Microfiber towels
  • Cover with plastic trash bags
  • Heavy duty leaning wipes
  • Assortment of brushes
  • Pipe cleaners or tooth brush

 #4 - Dry Everything Off:

Use your towels to dry everything off within the engine bay. You'll get some grease and dirt on your towels which is ok, because that means your getting grease and dirt you may have missed on the previous step. It's important to get everything completely dry, especially electronics.

 #5 - Engine Detailing:

This can be the most gratifying step because it will start to really shine. Don't forget to detail the under section of the hood too.

( IMPORTANT ) Don't use WD40, motor oil or greasy oily products which will collect dirt and grime quickly, causing chunky grime areas. Also don't let chemicals get on belts or into moving parts and tensioners. 


Check out the video below to see for yourself how effective and resourceful Chris is with the simple tools he uses to clean the engine bay on a few different vehicles. He also shows before and after images. Enjoy!


Shoutout to Chris and we recommend subscribing to his YouTube Channel


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